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Day or Night… GUARANTEED… Our Lighted Palm Trees will attract attention to any business. Many of us that don’t want to stay home after a long hectic week. We look for places to go to “get away from it all”. Many Restaurants, Bars, Marinas and Beer Gardens have been transformed into a Tropical Haven with our Lighted Palm Trees. If you have an eating or drinking establishment or any other business and are looking for something to set you apart from your competition, add one of our lighted palm trees, and Tropical Fun Décor.

The pace of everyday life is getting faster and faster. By the end of the week, we all long for some relaxation time. Many of us are opting to create a vacation spot in our own backyards. Dubbed a “staycation,” this at-home retreat is characterized by finding rest, relaxation and the amenities of a vacation in the comfort of one’s backyard. Our products turn any backyard into a relaxing oasis and gathering place.

When Hooters Restaurants wanted to add the tropical look to their restaurants, they purchased the Natural LED Lighted Palm Trees. The trees became a big hit with Hooters customers. Many of them called wanting to add a Natural LED Lighted Palm Tree to their own backyards. The most realistic lighted palm tree available today! Our Natural LED Lighted Palm Tree is so realistic that the fronds (leaves) even blow in the wind.

See how you can get that same look and more with our outdoor living products.


Dennis day time LED dennis night led

Hello, Just wanted to send a few pictures. I also want to say THANK YOU!!!!!
Received the Natural LED Lighted Palm Tree on Thursday and put it up Friday. With Your help everything worked out perfectly. The Wife and I had one or two margarita’s Friday and Saturday night and she did tell me she absolutely loved the Palm Tree!! I guess my plan worked, because as you know she was hesitant at first of my idea. It was that one element that was missing from our patio. I just can’t describe the feeling it adds when we are out on the patio! THANK YOU!!! We have already had several awesome comments from friends and neighbors!!!!! (I thought they might think I was crazy). I will give out Pacific Lights Inc. info to everyone. I will also be in touch when I talk the Wife into another one!!!!!!
Bye for now,
Dennis from Nebraska

I recently purchased two 14′ LED Natural Lighted Palm Tree from Pacific Lights whom I found on the internet. When calling them I had several questions on trunk size, actual height of the trunk, etc. and explained to a lady named Patti my plans for these trees. I have several “real” palms on our properties here in Winter Park and two of them had become too tall to properly maintain so I decided on trees that I won’t have trim, fertilize,and  remove the fear of climbing a ladder to trim them, etc. Being in the electrical field for over 56 years the selling point was LED lights. But, the biggest plus was getting to know Patti a person who “says what she means and means what she says!” In shipment one coconut was damaged, after calling Patti I had a replacement in 3 days as she stated.
I couldn’t be more pleased as I watch the neighborhood stop and admire the beauty of the “soft” lighting of the trees and the wheat lights. The one word that describes it is “majestic!’
If you’re ever in our area drive by and take a real look, we’re 25 miles from Walt Disney World where I was employed 15 years.  That’s why I want my home also beautiful.

Tom Henry
Winter Park, Florida

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