I have worked with Patti Jensen at Pacific Lights since 2007 and she is always a joy to work with. She is honest, responsive and kind. Her LED Palm Trees are truly the highlight of my miniature golf course in Bethany Beach, Delaware. In fact, I get several referrals about purchasing them each year. Additionally, just this summer one of our customers asked what time we were going to put all the lights on because that is when they wanted to come back and play. Finally, my neighbors across the street at the restaurant have asked that I keep just the LED Palm Trees lit at night when I close so they can enjoy them.

The LED Palms are really stunning during the day as well. The decision to purchase from Patti and Pacific Lights truly impacted my business as a whole. I looked far and wide to find artificial palm trees for my golf course and was lucky enough to find Patti’s right as I was about to purchase other trees. I cannot tell you how many times I remind myself how lucky I am to have her trees. I am certain that I would not be as successful as I am without them. I also hope to install a few at my new beach home that I am in the process of building.