Izidor from Canada

We moved into our home 5 years ago and loved our palm trees right from the beginning. Evening swims under the ambiance of the palm trees is one of the highlights of our summer..
Thanks for the support you have given us to keep our trees providing the atmosphere we enjoy!

Izidor from Canada

Carol Schultze, Owner Captain Jack’s Pirate Golf, Bethany Beach, DE

I have worked with Patti Jensen at Pacific Lights since 2007 and she is always a joy to work with. She is honest, responsive and kind. Her LED Palm Trees are truly the highlight of my miniature golf course in Bethany Beach, Delaware. In fact, I get several referrals about purchasing them each year. Additionally, just this summer one of our customers asked what time we were going to put all the lights on because that is when they wanted to come back and play. Finally, my neighbors across the street at the restaurant have asked that I keep just the LED Palm Trees lit at night when I close so they can enjoy them.

The LED Palms are really stunning during the day as well. The decision to purchase from Patti and Pacific Lights truly impacted my business as a whole. I looked far and wide to find artificial palm trees for my golf course and was lucky enough to find Patti’s right as I was about to purchase other trees. I cannot tell you how many times I remind myself how lucky I am to have her trees. I am certain that I would not be as successful as I am without them. I also hope to install a few at my new beach home that I am in the process of building.

Tom Henry, Winter Park, Florida

I recently purchased two 14′ LED Natural Lighted Palm Trees from Pacific Lights whom I found on the internet. When calling them I had several questions on trunk size, actual height of the trunk, etc. and explained to a lady named Patti my plans for these trees. I have several “real” palms on our properties here in Winter Park and two of them had become to tall to properly maintain so I decided on trees that I won’t have trim, fertilize,and remove the fear of climbing a ladder to trim them, etc. Being in the electrical field for over 56 years the selling point was LED lights. But, the biggest plus was getting to know Patti a person who “says what she means and means what she says!” In shipment one coconut was damaged, after calling Patti I had a replacement in 3 days as she stated.
I couldn’t be more pleased as I watch the neighborhood stop and admire the beauty of the “soft” lighting of the trees and the wheat lights. The one word that describes it is “majestic!’

John from Quebec, Canada

vincent canadaEveryone who walks on our street comments on the Palm Trees- people ring the door bell wondering where we bought them! It’s funny!
John V.

Natural LED Lighted Palm Tree

Hello, Just wanted to send a few pictures. I also want to say THANK YOU!!!!!
Received the Natural LED Lighted Palm Tree on Thursday and put it up Friday. With Your help everything
worked out perfectly. The Wife and I had one or two margarita’s Friday and
Saturday night and she did tell me she absolutely loved the Palm Tree!! I guess
my plan worked, because as you know she was hesitant at first of my idea. It was
that one element that was missing from our patio. I just can’t describe the
feeling it adds when we are out on the patio! THANK YOU!!! We have already had
several awesome comments from friends and neighbors!!!!! (I thought they might
think I was crazy). I will give out Pacific Lights Inc. info to everyone. I
will also be in touch when I talk the Wife into another one!!!!!!
Bye for now,
Dennis from Nebraska

Dennis day time LEDdennis night led

John Testa, MD, Connecticut

Thank you so much for selling these Palm trees. I must say these do make a statement. We feel like we are on vacation everyday. Not one day goes by without some complimenting on these trees and are taken away when they light up at night. These trees are just over the top!!! Your help in this purchase has been perfect and a Pleasure to work with. These are the best kept secret in upscale pool decor.

John, Ottawa, Canada

We have had so, so many compliments about the trees. They are awesome. Your product is the talk of the city here.